Dr. Joe Vitale's 5th self-help singer-songwriter album!

"Watch Joe describe one of his new songs in the studio.."

One More Day!
Life Lessons in Hypnotic Song

Featuring Grammy Nominated singer Ruthie Foster

In other words, each song delivers a powerful message, and in about three minutes.

This is a breakthrough new way to get the positive messages I teach straight into your heart and mind, by simply listening to these original songs and music.

Every track has a different hypnotic groove to help put you in the right mental space to receive the message.

And the messages are the ones I spend entire books writing about, whether how to "Nevillize" a goal, to songs designed to motivate, inspire, and awaken.

So, each song is a self-help book in 3 minutes.

And the musical styles range from rock to jazz to spoken poetry to relaxing grooves to feel good, happy sing-a-longs.

And the album is "blessed" - as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Joe Vitale (yes, he has the same name as me) -- has said.

Each song is - in everyone's opinion - a smash hit.

The album is called "One More Day."

The subtitle is "Life Lessons in Hypnotic Song."

Besides my band of legends - like Daniel Barrett, Glenn Fukunaga, Joe Vitale and G-Monk Mathew Dixon - I've also added Grammy nominated singer Ruthie Foster.


Expect Miracles!



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Dr. Joe Vitale
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